Kruuse launches HydroGel and Foam Dressing products

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Kruuse has announced the launch of two new wound dressing offerings to complement its existing Manuka Tube and Manuka AD and ND Dressings.

The first of these is Kruuse HydroGel, a clear amorphous hydrogel with polyhexanide that helps to maintain a moist healing environment by encouraging autolytic debridement and gentle removal of slough and necrotic tissue.

Meanwhile, the new Kruuse Foam Dressing product is a non-adhesive and absorbent hydrophilic foam wound dressing that is coated with a bacteria-resistant micro-porous thin foam backing.

Because it offers breathability and allows oxygen in and out, it can expand as it absorbs exudate, while conforming to shallow wound cavities.

Andrew Groom, managing director at Kruuse UK, said: "Both products enhance Kruuse's wound care product portfolio available to all customers - combined, they increase the already extensive range of wound products available to the veterinary practitioner."

The company is a leading global supplier of veterinary equipment, employing more than 250 people across its operations in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and China.

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