Waters announces Acquity system is now available with SPE


Waters has announced its Aquity UPLC System is now available with online solid phase extraction (SPE) technology. Provided by Spark Holland, which is working with the analytical instruments manufacturer, exclusively, the feature is based on a specialised version of the Spark Holland online SPE capabilities. The tool has been made available as an integrated Waters UPLC/MS system, or as an upgrade to already-installed Acquity UPLC products under an agreement with Spark Holland. Using the system, high-throughput laboratories can now streamline sample preparation and analysis time to generate test results in a more timely manner than ever before. Ian King, vice president of separations technologies at Waters Division said combining the two technologies offers benefits to laboratories intent on producing high-quality results quickly and reproducibly. He added: "Automating the process of sample preparation can help laboratories greatly improve turnaround times, reduce errors and the control costs." Earlier this month, Waters announced the selection of MTM Research Centre at Orebro University for its Centers of Innovation Program.

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