Systagenix launches gamma-based contract sterilisation service

Medical Company Product News

Systagenix has announced the launch of new commercial gamma irradiation and laboratory services under the Gargrave Sterilisation Services name.

The company possesses more than 20 years of experience in the irradiation and sterilisation of medical devices and associated regulatory compliance, and will now be offering these capabilities to the wider healthcare market.

Gamma irradiation is an effective and well-established technique for sterilising products and packaging, allowing Gargrave Sterilisation Services to offer benefits such as efficient turnaround times, flexibility and good value.

The company believes it has the additional warehousing opportunities and distribution arrangements necessary to offer a competitive service in this area.

Lee Barrett, manager for Gargrave Sterilisation Services, said: "Our customers should expect a flexible service to suit their priorities, competitive lead times to suit their needs and cost-effective pricing to suit their budgets."

In June 2012, Systagenix expanded its operations further with the acquisition of O2 Insights, a developer of point-of-care diagnostics for the measurement of transcutaneous tissue oxygenation.

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