SCA highlights positive business developments in latest interim report

Medical Company Financials

SCA has published its interim business report for the first half of 2012, during which it completed several key deals and carried out key restructuring efforts.

The company's net sales for the half-year came to 39.76 billion Swedish kronor (3.65 billion pounds), which was roughly level with the first half of last year, or up by four percent excluding exchange rate effects and divestments.

Five key transactions were closed during the most recent quarter, including the acquisition of Everbeauty and the European tissue operations of Georgia-Pacific, an increased investment in Vinda and the sale of its packaging business.

Jan Johansson, chief executive officer at SCA, noted that emerging markets performed strongly for the company during the period, while operating cash flow also increased.

He added: "The improvement is mainly attributable to a lower level of tied-up working capital, but also to a higher operating surplus and lower capital expenditures.

SCA is one of the largest providers of personal care products in the world and is the third-biggest supplier of tissues.

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