DJO Global launches Turon Modular Shoulder System

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DJO Global has announced the launch of the Turon Modular Shoulder System, which is intended for use in shoulder joint replacement surgery.

The new device is created by the company's DJO Surgical division and is the first product of its kind to incorporate the proprietary IMIN (Intrinsic Modular Indexable Neck) technology.

Using this patented clocking feature, surgeons can dial in the humeral neck shaft angle position, meaning it can be tailored to accommodate the patient's anatomy without needing to rely on complex fixation systems.

Mike Mogul, chief executive officer of DJO Global, said the company is "excited" to be introducing the new Turon system.

"The addition of Turon, along with our industry-changing Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis, demonstrates our leadership and commitment to move orthopaedic technology forward in shoulder replacement surgery," he added.

Mr Mogul has been head of the medical technology firm since last month, when he succeeded Les Cross, who has now become non-executive chairman of the company.

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