Elsevier to publish content via Google eBooks service

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Elsevier has announced that it will be delivering content from its various scientific journals via the recently-launched Google eBooks service.

The publisher will be offering a tailored selection of its scientific ebooks via the new distribution channel, deciding on a title-by-title basis which journals are to be included.

Google eBooks currently offers more than three million titles, allowing content to be purchased and read via web browsers or on mobile devices such as Apple's iPad.

This cements a longstanding relationship between Elsevier and Google, as the company was also among the first to participate in the earlier Google Book Search scheme.

Suzanne BeDell, managing director of science and technology books at Elsevier, said: "We are confident that our partnership with Google will prove an important step in reaching our objective to provide universal access to scientific content."

This comes in the same month that Elsevier introduced text-to-speech options on all of its ePub book titles, in order to make them more accessible to readers with vision or motor impairments.

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