Sanofi-aventis and AgaMatrix to collaborate on diabetes treatment options

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Sanofi-aventis is to ally with blood glucose monitoring (BGM) specialist AgaMatrix to develop new diabetes treatment solutions which work in conjunction with its insulin range.

The two companies are to jointly develop, supply and commercialise a range of BGM solutions that combine glucose monitors with Sanofi-aventis products such as Lantus and Apidra.

These new solutions will be designed with the intention of making it easier to manage patients on insulin therapy, with the first products set to emerge on the market in the second half of this year.

Sanofi-aventis will possess exclusive rights to all of the products created through this partnership.

Pierre Chancel, senior vice-president and head of Sanofi-aventis' global diabetes division, said: "This agreement is a concrete step towards fulfilling our vision to deliver integrated solutions to patients and become the partner of choice in the field of diabetes."

Earlier this week, the company received a recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for its heart drug Multaq, which was launched in the UK this week.

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