Medichem International launches AirGene high-level disinfectant

Medical Company Product News

Medichem International has made a new product available to the medical and healthcare industries - AirGene airborne disinfectant.

The infection control product, which comes in aerosol form, is designed to quickly and effectively decontaminate inaccessible areas in closed, high-risk environments, including ambulances and hospital operating theatres.

With its total-discharge container, AirGene allows rooms up to 150 cubic metres in size to be treated against fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycobacteria.

Managing director of Medichem International Rick Hayman declared: "AirGene has been developed around same the principles that all Medichem products follow - it must be highly effective, easy to use and safe for people to work with."

Medichem International, which was founded in 1992, specialises in the supply of advanced bio security products designed to prevent cross infection from contaminated devices and surfaces.

Its items are now utilised in over 40 countries and some of its partners include St. Clements Supplies on the Channel Islands, Hygiene Sales in Ireland and Austria-based firm Virbac Oesterrich GMBH.

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