Bayer and Zentia unveil PU foam pillow

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Bayer has unveiled a new PU foam pillow it developed jointly with the comfort products manufacturer Zentia.

The pillow, which aims to offer both hygiene and relief, features Seafoam technology as well as Bayer Material Science's new viscoelastic polyurethane foam system Bayfit.

This allows for the efficient circulation of air, which, in turn, diverts excess heat away from the user and reduces perspiration. Its ability to adapt to the users' body shape is designed to relieve muscle tension and comfort.

Fernando Simon, marketing manager for polyurethane systems at Bayer, said: "With this new foam system, we are able to provide a broad range of comfort quality that fulfils the requests of end consumers."

Last week, Bayer's crop science arm announced that it has entered into an agreement with Chromatin to use its proprietary mini-chromosome technology for the improvement of crops.

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