Ketchum publishes female blogger survey

Marketing Services

Ketchum has noted that female bloggers are wielding an increasing influence over marketing and public relations professionals.

The organisation made its assertions as it published the results of a study into women web users, which was conducted last month.

It was found that around four in ten bloggers have provided information or feedback collected on their online resources to marketers in order to help them market their products or services to females more effectively.

Meanwhile, 53 per cent of respondents said that they would be willing to consider doing this if asked, revealing an "untapped opportunity" for professionals operating in the sector.

"The survey shows that what women want in consumer technology marketing is less about gender than it is about respecting their intelligence and communicating benefits clearly," said Chris Ditner, vice-president of marketing and innovation at Ketchum's Global Technology Practice.

Earlier this month, Ketchum announced that Timo Sieg has been named senior partner at the firm and will serve on its global executive committee.

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