Hill's Pet Nutrition presents Bark at the Ballpark

Veterinary Supplier News

Hill's Pet Nutrition has played a key role in organising an event that allowed people to bring their furry friends along to sporting occasions.

Bark at the Ballpark took place earlier this week at Bowling Green baseball ground and saw the Hot Rods emerge victorious against the Charleston RiverDogs.

More than 3,500 human fans were present at the event, which also saw hundreds of canines in attendance, online information resource OurSportCentral reports.

The sporting series is set to continue at a number of other sporting venues over the coming weeks.

Hill's Pet Nutrition offers a wide array of different products that are marketed for cats as well as dogs.

These include Science Plan foods, which are balanced for "optimal health and wellbeing" at every stage of an animal's life and Prescription Diet therapeutic nutrition that is designed to address the most important health concerns owners may have about their animals, such as skin conditions or diabetes.

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