Vitabiotics' menopause product recommended

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Vitabiotics' Menopace Plus has been recommended as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Consultant gynaecologist Michael Dooley spoke to the Daily Mail and explained many women worry about the possible risks of some therapies to aid the symptoms of the menopause.

He noted adjustments to lifestyle, complementary treatments and pharmaceutical drugs can help them.

Dr Dooley also suggested: "Start a herbal remedy immediately as they take about three months to kick in."

Menopace Plus was one product he advised women to try. On the manufacturer's website, it is available in packets of 56 tablets.

Other tips included cutting out alcohol to stop hot flushes, regular exercise to reduce the risk of breast cancer and keeping fluid and energy levels up throughout the day.

Women might also find Menopace Calcium and Osteocare Original beneficial if trying to manage symptoms of the menopause.

Vitabiotics also produces therapies to assist pregnant females, as well as men children, and those who want to build up their immune system, along with people who wish to improve their eyes and vision.

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