Hills Pet Nutrition thanked for sponsorship

Veterinary Supplier News

Hills Pet Nutrition has been thanked for its contributions to a charity, it has been reported.

Staff at the Rhyd Broughton Veterinary Group in Wrexham are organising a sponsored dog walk, explained the Evening Leader.

Participants and their canine companions will put their best foot forward on April 26th to raise money for the Blue Cross animal welfare organisation as part of National Pet Month, the newspaper added.

"The route will start at the aqueduct in Trevor and go along the canal to Llangollen," stated the publication. "The trail back takes in the beautiful scenery over the Panorama."

Karen Williams, head nurse at the veterinary group, voiced her thanks to Hills Pet Nutrition for sponsoring t-shirts for the event.

The company has also been involved in other work further afield this week. The Tampa Bay Newspaper reported how it is sponsoring the National Service Dog Exam Day, which will be held on May 3rd.

Working dogs that dedicate their lives to serving people will be able to be seen by veterinarian ophthalmologists as part of the scheme, according to the website.

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