Hill's Pet Nutrition's food to be promoted by Petco

Veterinary Supplier News

Hill's Pet Nutrition's latest line of cat food will be promoted by Petco, it has been reported.

The product range, known as Culinary Creations, is from the former's Science Diet brand, explained In-Store Marketer.

Now the retailer of pet-related products will prominently place the goods in aisles with a number of noticeable signs promising "feeding is believing", the website noted.

There will also be point-of-sale kits including headers inviting shoppers to "indulge your cat today" and in certain Petco stores, video-screens will be placed on the shelves as well, the organisation concluded.

Hill's Pet Nutrition offers a number of brands for consumers to choose from when deciding what to feed their own pets.

These include the Science Plan ? designed to promote the wellbeing of the creature ? and Prescription Diet, which are therapeutic foods to help ease health concerns.

Using wholesome ingredients, the Nature's Best range is "perfectly balanced", according to the animal nutrition company.

The firm employs over 150 veterinarians and food scientists across the globe to work and develop feed.

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