Daiichi expands its cardiovascular product portfolio

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Daiichi Sankyo has secured the marketing rights for two drugs which will make its Italian product portfolio one of the largest in the cardiovascular area.

The company has acquired Congescor and Pluscor ? both leading brands in the treatment of heart failure and hypertension ? from Merck Serono.

In these remedies, the active ingredient is bisoprolol. Sales of both medications in Italy equate to over 14 million euros (12.54 million pounds) a year.

The third-largest Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer has also strengthened its sales force in the European country as it has taken over 42 employees from Merck Serono.

Out of this figure, 36 are members of the cardiometabolic sales force. In total, Daiichi Sankyo now has a team of over 190 people in Italy whose pivotal role is to sell its products.

In other news, the firm announced last month that the European Commission had permitted the marketing of Efient for the prevention of heart attacks in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing an artery-opening procedure.

President and chief executive officer of Daiichi Sankyo Takashi Shoda stated it was "good news for doctors and patients".

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