Bayer release new coloured lancets for diabetes care


Bayer Diabetes Care has released a new range of coloured lancets to make blood sampling easier.

The Microlet lancets have been developed to allow people to designate a specific colour for each day or measurement, therefore reminding them to use a new one each time - as reusing blunt and deformed lancets can result in the formation of microscopic barbs.

Pain and delays in healing can occur from this reuse, as well as infections at the injection site, Bayer has warned.

In addition, Microlet have a silicon coating to allow smooth and gentle application, while the Microlet 2 lancing device has been improved with an ergonomic shape.

People in scientific sales jobs may be interested in the new product from Bayer Diabetes Care, which has customers in 100 countries around the world.

Another of Bayer's subgroups – Bayer MaterialScience – will be showcasing a variety of polyurethane products and applications at the UTECH show in Maastricht in March and April.

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