R&D Systems financial report


Directors' Report


The company has two operating systems, namely Haematology - which manufactures controls and calibrators for haematology analysers - and Biotechnology, which produces reagents principally for the research market.

R&D Systems Europe, located in Abingdon, England distributes biotechnology products. It is the European Representative for the Biotech Division.


The company's European Representative for the Biotech Division in the UK distributes biotechnology products.

It also owns California-based BioPacific, which provides products for the development of Immunoassay kits, sales subsidiary R&D Systems GmBH in Germany, plus R&D Systems China, which provides products, marketing and technical support to distributors in China.


Issued share capital details

A total of 500,000 ordinary shares, with an aggregate nominal value of 50,000 pounds, were issued.

There are two shareholders, the majority of 499,000 held by the Techne Corporation (a holding company with no employees). The remaining share is held by Robert Lucas.



Company secretary: Ruth Bright

Directors: Kathleen Backes (accountant), Ruth Bright (UK manager), Gregory J Melson (chief financial officer), Thomas E Oland (US manager)

Zenopa sourced data on R&D Systems

R&D Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Techne Corporation. It was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1976.

It has sales subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, France and China, distributing over 9,000 different products in the biotechnology and haematology sectors.

It employs 630 people and has annual revenues of more than $200 million (115 million pounds).

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