Community pharmacies "offer real accessibility"

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Community pharmacies offer real accessibility to people living throughout the UK, according to Hemant Patel, president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB).

Tending to be in the heart of local communities and within ten minutes travel time for almost all people, the UK's pharmacies are relied upon by million for health sector services, the society's president suggested.

Mr Patel's comments came in response to the assertions of the secretary of state for health Alan Johnson, who recently said that the NHS needs to be made more accessible to British people.

"Universal access to pharmacy services in every community supports the government's drives to improve access and reduce health inequalities and also the broader agenda to make communities sustainable," said Mr Patel.

Meanwhile, the RPSGB recently announced the launch of a new online library service that has been designed to offer further resources to its member pharmacists around the country.

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