Applied Biosystems and Integromics produce new platform for life scientists


Applied Biosystems has collaborated with Integromics to produce an integrated solution for analysing real-time PC data.

The "first-of-its kind solution" utilises advanced bioinformatics software with high-throughput real-time PCR instrument systems.

It incorporates Integromics' real-time StatMiner software with Applied Biosystems' line of real-time PCR systems.

The company expects the resulting product to be used by life scientists performing data analysis in a variety of research projects.

The solution works by capturing raw data from the real-time PCR system and then visualising and analysing the data using the StatMiner software.

According to the companies, the software guides users through the analysis process enabling non-experts to utilise it.

Vicente Carro, chief executive officer of Integromics, said: "Advanced bioinformatics tools that help researchers in the analysis and interpretation of raw gene expression data are becoming a key complement to the advances in instrumentation and reagents."

John Gerace, vice president and general manager for Applied Biosystems' sequence detection business, added that the platform would enable gene expression researchers to turn their data into meaningful information which can be used in drug research and development.

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