Randox Laboratories provides new CVD CD


Randox Laboratories has made available a new educational CD on cardiovascular disease (CVD) which provides information on the risk factors associated with the disease, information on the condition and a variety of diagnostic tests for CVD risk.

Included on the CD are statistics on CVD, elaborating on risk factors and a study of causation of the condition and its potential complications. The CD makes use of navigation arrows and a thorough interface.

The CD groups diagnostic tests together by risk factors for a methodical approach to CVD diagnosis and makes use of coloured animations to explain the complexities of acute coronary syndrome and the release of cardiac biomarkers following myocardial infarction.

Each year in the industrialised world 3.4 million people will suffer a severe coronary incident and 1.2 million people will endure a cerebrovascular incident. One of the primary aims of healthcare systems across the world is to reduce the risk of CVD through improved diagnostic evaluation.

Randox recently released a test for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

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