Johnson and Johnson: Study strengthens gum disease and CVD link

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OraPharma, a Johnson & Johnson company, has announced the results of a study strengthening the connection between gum disease and early indicators of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, claim that blood vessel dysfunction contributes to periodontal disease, which was improved through intensive treatment.

In addition to a grant from OraPharma, this study was funded by a number of research and academic institutions. The company's locally applied antibiotic Arestin (mnocylcine Hcl) microspheres was used in the trial.

Maurizio Tonetti, executive director of the European Research Group on Periodontology, commented that there had been a number of theories propagated in recent years linking atherosclerosis - the development of blood vessel blockage - with periodontal infections.

"This study validates the effectiveness of intensive periodontal treatment in affecting vascular health."

Russell Secter, president of PharmD at OraPharma, added: "We are excited by the results of this study and will continue to support research in this area."

Johnson & Johnson completed its acquisition of OraPharma in February 2003, with the value of the transaction totalling $85 million (44.16 million pounds) in cash.

OraPharma's lead product Arestin is a locally administered antibiotic formulated in microspheres.

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