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Job Offer Salary Negotiation

Once you have completed the application process and interview, you will then need to negotiate your salary. When arranging your salary, you must take a confident approach to highlight your worth without appearing irrational or demanding. 

What's your worth in the current market?

Although we'd all like to earn the highest salary possible, it is critical to understand how you compare against people with related experience and skill levels before initiating a discussion. To do this, you must use data to reinforce your case; you can do this by checking Zenopa's salary comparison tool. You can also discuss with one of our specialist recruiters, who will give you a more accurate understanding, or search for similar jobs on our website.

What are your financial needs?

When researching the salary you should be probing, it is wise to have a solid understanding of your personal financial needs. For example, would you need to travel further to get to the job? If so, how much more would your travel fare be? Also, would you be able to get by on your current salary?

Once your personal financial needs have been considered, create a salary range to bring to the table.

How much would you need to feel delighted?

How much would you require to feel content?

How much would you require to live on?

Consider non-financial benefits

While negotiating your salary, it may become evident that there is limited flexibility. Thus, it would be best if you came to the table with alternatives that are not directly related to pay, including: 

  • Money towards a gym membership
  • A company car and mobile phone
  • Flexible working hours/ home working
  • Additional annual leave

How to manage yourself in a salary discussion

While discussing your salary, remain calm and aim to be challenging but fair. Money is an emotive topic, so you must be confident and reinforce your discussion with facts. Please don't forget to be respectful towards your potential new employer, as this will portray a positive image on your behalf. 

For more information on career options and tips, please contact one of our specialist consultants or send us a message.

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I am recruiting   I am job seeking
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