"Extremely easy, I’ve never put so little effort into a job application."

1. What were you looking for when you were seeking a new role? I.e. more flexible working, career development, redundancy etc.

I wanted to move back into the life science industry. Though I wasn’t seriously looking for a new job, I was keeping an eye out for career development opportunities and to see what options were available.


2. What benefits have you had since securing your role i.e. achieving a personal goal, contributed to you buying a house, provided more support for your family, given you more confidence etc.

The job is much better suited to my skill set and background. I feel like I’m making a much greater contribution to the business, and it’s a much nicer company culture to be part of. The pay rise has also definitely helped and will help when moving house next year. Very happy with my decision!


3. How did you find the recruitment process?

Extremely easy, I’ve never put so little effort into a job application.  


4. How has your work/life balance improved?

Not significantly as the commute is further but it is worth it for job satisfaction.


5. How did you find the service provided to you by Zenopa?

It was good, especially being able to ask questions regarding employee benefits which aren’t appropriate to ask in job interviews. The only thing I would have improved on is being able to see the CV/cover letter document prior to it being sent to the employer. I had mentioned something about my work history on my first phone call with Zenopa when I hadn’t had a chance to research my employer properly, and this was included in my CV/cover letter document. I thought my CV was being sent exactly as it was, so was not aware of this until a question caught me off guard from the MD in my second interview. It was only minor but it would be an improvement to show the candidate exactly what the employer will be seeing, in case you said something early in the phone call which actually wasn’t relevant to the job role.  


6. Any other comments/feedback that you wish to give?

The job was perfectly matched to my skill set, and it was a very easy process.