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Zenopa sponsors Lab Innovations 2022

This year, on the 3rd and 4th of November, Lab Innovations celebrated ten years since its establishment back in 2012, with Zenopa again joining the fleet of exhibitors excited to engage with attendees, sponsoring the lanyards for a second time.

Since Covid 19, getting back into building relationships without a headset on is something we were enthusiastic about! Watching the Zenopians promote themselves and Zenopa's service offerings during client meetings and candidate conversations were genuinely invigorating.

“On the 3rd and 4th of November, Zenopa one again joined the fleet of exhibitors excited to engage with attendees, sponsoring the lanyards for a second time.“

Zenopa attended both event days, focusing on our Laboratory division alongside Engineering, Medical Devices and Science, aiming to source new roles through new-fangled and existing clients. We spoke to individuals about our recruitment services, including the exclusivity and talent solutions we eagerly provide.

Zenopians' took a hire car down to the event, collected our entrée passes and set up our brand-new exhibition stand just in time for the hustle and bustle of the day to begin. Throughout the day, we switched between operating the stand and starting conversations - keeping every team member engaged and busy.

One Zenopian commented on their first experience at Lab Innovations: "as a first-time attendee and a newer member of Zenopa, it was highly rewarding to see how the work we put in day to day plays into a bigger picture and contributes to the innovation and progression of the whole industry. I've now had the opportunity to take the initiative and speak to industry experts and individuals in the same roles as me across different companies, helping me to discover how I can develop in my career in the long term."

It was terrific to see Zenopa's lanyard sponsorship pay off as they donned the necks of the attendees; the Zenopa red was truly distinguishable and made a real impact.

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See you next year!

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