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Med Comms Defined

What is Medical Communications?

Med Comms provides a consultancy service to pharmaceutical and scientific companies. It is up to the agency to produce documentation and in some cases campaigns to help market and support the product.

“Med Communications provides a consultancy service to pharmaceutical and scientific companies“


Agencies will traditionally produce materials (journals, manuscripts, learning resources presentations, poster campaigns) as well as offer support and advice to companies on the best routes to inform and educate their target market. Some agencies will specialise on publications and medical education or advertising, and others will offer a full range of services including legal and regulatory and PR. Whatever the service offered, the objective is always the same – to educate and inform stakeholders and consumers about innovation and perspectives in healthcare.

The range of services that are included within Med Comms include:

Regulatory Affairs: Clinical Trail documentation, marketing authorisation applications, new drug applications etc.

Health Economics: Material supporting cost effective messages,

Public Relations: Materials to communicate with the media,

Medical Education : Publication activities including journals, conference presentations, advisory boards

Advertising and Branding: Trade press, adverts to consumers, direct mails, sales ads, exhibition material,

Typical Roles within Medical Communications include:

Editorial – Associate Medical Writers, Medical Writer ,Senior Medical Writer, Principle Medical Writer, Editorial Director, Scientific Director

Commercial - Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Account Executive, Account Manager, Account Director, Client Services Director

What skills do you need?

Most agencies prefer their candidate to have a life science degree, and a PhD or post-doctoral experience, but those with any relevant post graduate qualifications will also be considered. Those with a science or any other health related degree (nursing, physiotherapy) and work experience in publishing or pharmaceutical sectors could also be considered.

How can Zenopa help you get into Medical Communications?

We have a dedicated team at Zenopa who specialise within the Med Comms Sector, making us the most knowledgeable in the industry. We have also built up special relationships with the leading Medical Communications agencies throughout the UK so we have the knowledge to know what they are looking for, and how to help you get there.

Did you know?

Here at Zenopa we are well known for recruiting medical writers in leading agencies, but did you know that we also recruit for PR role too?

No matter what industry you work in, reputation is any company’s biggest asset. It’s the thing that can give you competitive edge and make you stand out from the crowd. Customers, Journalists, critics, employees’ investors and suppliers all have a powerful impact on reputation, as they will all have different opinions, be that good or bad, but these perceptions are ultimately what will drive the success or failure of a business, service or product.

PR (Public Relations) is based around reputation, and is the result of what you do, say and what others say about you. Good PR aims to understand, support and influence opinion and behaviour. Effective Public Relations (PR can assist and manage a product, company or services’ reputation by effective communication, and good relationship building with organisation stakeholders.

If you would like to find out more about the different opportunities we have available within Med Comms, contact the team by calling +44 (0) 1494 818 006, send us a message, register your details or email

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