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5 reasons to consider employing graduates in your business

After an intense interview process, you have two candidates to choose between and you have hit a bit of conundrum. Do you hire the candidate that is a graduate fresh out of university, or the candidate with years of experience and knowledge within the field? As with any candidate, there are pros and cons to be considered, and many will choose the more experienced, but by doing this are you missing a trick?

Here are 5 reasons why consider hiring a graduate:

“There are pros and cons when hiring any candidate, but why should you consider taking on a Graduate? Here are 5 reasons why...“

You can save on the Salary

As a business, if there is a way in which you can save money, you will look into see if it is possible to do it. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a graduate is the cost saving that you can make on the yearly salary, due to their lack of experience compared to a more experienced candidate. As they are less experienced, you may have to need to think about investing in training, but as there are many different ways in which this can be achieved (i.e. in house shadowing/mentoring etc.) this would still be the more effective option.

More Tech Savvy

Graduates will have the ability to use new Innovative technology applications that come with new computers and tablets. They will have been using them regularly throughout their degree and will have been raised in a generation that is more technology dependant, and will be quicker and more confident when learning new processes and systems.

Return on Investment

According to research conducted by the Association of Graduate recruiter, graduates contribute about £1 billion of added value into the UK economy on a yearly basis. They can learn more quickly, adapt to change and are more willing to take on new challenges. From their recent learning, they can inject new ideas for your business that will be the most up to date and keep you ahead of your competition. They may also share ideas that have seen through placements, which may have been with a competitor.

Shape to suit

Graduates can be looked at as a ‘blank canvas’ with no prior experience or very little as some may have been on placements or organised some shadowing. They will be open to new experiences, and ideas, and you as the employer have an opportunity to mould them to fit in with your culture and what you desire within your work force.

Have more flexibility

Not to be taken as gospel, but graduates generally are able to offer a company more flexibility, due to less distractions outside the workplace. Last minute meetings, work trips and the need to work longer hours to complete a project maybe more easily achieved with a graduate, But this isn’t always the case. There are candidates who have a good support network that allows them to be just as flexible within their job.

Are you interested in hiring Graduates within your company?

As a leading recruitment agency for healthcare, our specialist teams are have an active pool of candidates that have recently graduated and are looking at starting their career within the different sectors within the healthcare industry. If you are considering graduates to join your team and would like to find more, call us on +44 (0) 1494 818 000, send us a message, or email

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